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Now You See It by Cathy Davidson

Now You See It Cathy Davidson

Chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the “Top Ten Science Books” of Fall

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Praise for Cathy Davidson's Now You See It

A stunning new vision for the future, showing how the latest advances in brain research could revolutionize education and workplace management.... an exceptional and critically important book, one that is all but impossibel to put down and likely to shape discussions for years to come.”

Publishers Weekly, starred review

Davidson is such a good storyteller, and her characters are so well drawn....Now You See It celebrates the brain as a lean, mean, adaptive multitasking machine that—with proper care and feeding—can do much more than our hidebound institutions demand of it.”

The New York Times Book Review

A preview of the future from an educational innovator... it is becoming clear that our minds are capable of multitasking to a degree far beyond what the 20th-century assembly-line worker or middle manager was trained to do....[Davidson's] points are worth pondering.”


Starts where Malcolm Gladwell leaves off, showing how digital information will change our brains. Think Alvin Toffler meets Ray Kurzweil on Francis Crick's front porch. We need this book.”

Daniel Levitin, author of This Is Your Brain
on Music and The World in Six Songs

“The technological changes around us are of unprecedented proportions. What effects this has on us and what it tells us about human nature more generally is a central question for society and for all of us personally. In this book Cathy Davidson integrates findings from psychology, attention, neuroscience, and learning theory to help us get a glimpse of the future and more importantly a better understanding of our own individual potential.”

Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational:
The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions

A stunning work, one that we have all been waiting for.... Only Cathy Davidson could pull off such a sweeping book. It's a true 'wow wow.'”

John Seely Brown, co-author of The Social Life of Information

Cathy Davidson has one of the most interesting and wide ranging minds in contemporary scholarship, a mind that ranges comfortably over literary arts, literacy, psychology, and brain science. Her ambitious and timely book is certain to attract a lot of attention and to catalyze many discussions.”

Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of
Cognition and Education, Harvard University

“One cutting edge of educational practice is participatory learning—giving students a more active, exploratory role based on critical inquiry—and one frontier of brain research is what is happening to our attention in the always-on era. Cathy Davidson is a natural to bring together these neuroscientific and educational themes.”

Howard Rheingold, lecturer at Berkeley and Stanford
and author of
Smart Mobs and The Virtual Community

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